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Odour Control Filters

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Odour Filters


The Vent Odour Filters are designed to be fitted to emission vent poles in both domestic and commercial applications.

They can be used on vent stacks, pump station buildings, sewer lines, overflow tanks, holding tanks, manholes, trade waste/grease traps and commercial premises where odours occur.

Suited for vent pipe dimensions from 50mmD, 100mmD, 150mmD and 300mmD or can be adapted to suit pipe diameters. Wind assisted fans can be fitted for extra extraction. 

Treating low to medium emissions with air flows ranging from as little as 2L/s up to 20L/s


The Ground Mount Filters are just that, mounted at ground level; making installation, monitoring and servicing easier, safer and more cost effective.

They can be utilised for wider applications and are commonly used to replace old corroded vent poles or mounted on air valves, receiving manholes, small pump stations and small treatment systems.

Sizes range from our GM150 up to the GM700 which will eliminate odours in your sewerage systems.

Treating low to medium emissions with air flows ranging from as little as 7L/s up to 60L/s


A range of media replacement cartridges are available for our odour filter range. They can easily be replaced when the filter media becomes saturated.


The AutoWellWasher eliminates fat, uses as little as 100 litres of water per day, reduces odours and much more

10 Good Reasons to Choose McBerns Odour Filters

  • Absorb and treat foul gases fast
  • Do not simply mask odours
  • Safe to handle and easily installed
  • Can be adapted to different vent pipe sizes
  • Long lasting
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  • Rechargeable
  • Economic and effective
  • Can be safely disposed of in landfill
  • Can be fitted with wind assisted fans
  • No mains power required
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