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Media Cartridges

Replacement vent filter media cartridges for odour filters are part of our product range. They are available for the VF100, VF150, and VF300 versions of the McBerns Vent Odour Filter.

Purchase a replacement Media Cartridge for your McBerns Odour Filter when the filter media reaches saturation. Safe and easy to install. Full installation instructions are enclosed with each purchase.

How Replacement Vent Filter Media Cartridges Work

Made of tough UV & chemical resistant PVC material, the odour control filter unit is an active and continuous process where the specially formulated media cartridges capture sulphur dioxide gas (H2S) & other foul odours given off by septic and wastewater systems. The media cartridge neutralises the odours by changing the molecular structure, releasing only clean air into the environment.

The filter media cartridge consists of various grades of an absorbent natural mineral and carbon combined with a very small quantity of an oxidising chemical.

McBerns Vent Filter Media Cartridges

The secret to the McBerns vent filter success is the uniquely formulated media cartridge which works with activated carbon media to produce a continuous treatment process. The H2S gases & other noxious compounds undergo their initial treatment by passing through the activated carbon. The final treatment is carried out by the McBerns media cartridge which captures and neutralises odours by changing their molecular structure. The result is that only clean air is released back into the atmosphere, eradicating the foul smell.

Buy your replacement vent filter media cartridges directly here online, or call us +44 (0)1327 860 653 to discuss technical requirements or alternative payment methods.

Our filters can solve foul odour problems from domestic household sewage and septic tank systems quickly and easily, to large scale industrial situations.

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