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Carbon Vent Filters

Smaller Carbon Vent Filters are designed for low to medium air flows where odours are a problem. All the Vent Filters are designed to operate passively, no need for power or water to operate effectively. Wind assisted fans are available if more extraction is necessary.

The McBerns Odour Filters are constructed of UV & chemical resistant PVC. Making these carbon vent filters able to withstand the hard environments they are often used in.

Carbon Vent Filter Applications

The McBerns products are commonly used in both domestic and commercial applications. Some of these include; vent stacks, pump stations, air valves, receiving manholes, sewer lines, conduits, holding tanks and overflow tanks or confined spaces.

Carbon Filters from Odour Filter Solutions

Our products are available in 50 mm (not rechargeable), 100 mm (rechargeable), 150 mm (rechargeable) and 300 mm (rechargeable). They can be adapted to fit most pipe dimensions. Make sure you call us for more information or to discuss your odour filter requirements.

How do Carbon Vent Filters Work?

Carbon Vent Filters are used in areas where odours could be a problem. They use carbon granules inside a housing to absorb the odours passing through the ventilation filters.

Activated Carbon is highly porous, this along with various grades of an absorbent natural mineral combined with a very small quantity of oxidising chemical makes it highly effective at absorbing hydrogen sulphide and other unpleasant odours.

Once the odours or impurities are absorbed, a chemical reaction takes place to neutralise the odours along with any harmful compounds in the air. This will improve the air quality further.

Replacing Carbon Vent Filters

Vent filters need to be replaced regularly as the carbon absorbs odours it eventually becomes saturated. Therefore, regular replacement is necessary when odour becomes apparent.

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