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£999.00 +VAT

McBerns Vent Filters use our combined media filtration method incorporating our specially formulated media cartridges, activated carbon and natural minerals to adsorb, absorb and treat the noxious gases in sewerage networks. Designed to be used at commercial sites where there is a medium to high airflow rate. The VF300 Odour Filter is commonly used on vent stacks, pump station buildings, sewer lines, overflow tanks and holding tanks or confined spaces where odours are a problem. Can be adapted to most pipe diameters if required.

A replacement VF300 media cartridge is available which can easily be replaced when the filter media becomes saturated.

Corrosion resistant wind assisted fan can be employed where there is medium to high airflow.

Fan Optional:

McBerns Vent Filters can be fitted with a corrosion resistant, wind assisted fan where extraction is required and no power is available on site. Metal Fans are constructed in powder coated aluminium with stainless steel fittings.

ALUMINIUM WIND ASSISTED FAN – powder coated- colour pale eucalypt (green)
DIMENSIONS(mm): 333D x 331W(fan) x 156ID(base)
WEIGHT: 2.3kgs


Technical Details

AIRFLOW: Suitable for emission flows up to 20 L/s

DIMENSIONS: 385mm DiaTop X 315mm DiaBase X 400mm H

WEIGHT: 15kg


  • Inlet AV H2S conc ppm:5
  • Inlet Max H2S conc ppm:100
  • Inlet Airflow (l/s):0-20
  • Outlet Pressure Loss Pa:200
  • Outlet H2S conc ppm:
  • Dimensions:385mmDiaTop x 315mmDiaBase x 520mmH
  • Weight (kg):13
  • Media Frequency:12-24
  • Inspection Frequency:Passive 12; Wind ass


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