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 “How do I stop the smell from my septic tank and control the foul odour outside”

Stop sewage wastewater odour with a McBerns Vent Odour Filter supplied by Odour Filters, sole UK distributor of McBerns’ odour control equipment.  Our easy to fit filters will cure septic tank odour problems fast.  This cost-effective solution will put a stop to the bad sewage smells from your septic tank.

Why Vent Odour Filters Are Required

Warm weather brings out the smells in septic tanks and “fosses septiques”. If fitted with one of our odour control filters to the vent pipe the bad smell will stop immediately.  

Vent odour filters use carbon and various other media to neutralise the bad odours, releasing only fresh, clean air back into the atmosphere.

Our comprehensive range of McBerns Odour Filters is described on the products pages.  McBerns Odour Filters absorb and treat noxious odours from domestic and commercial vent pipes and can handle almost any situation from a 50mm opening up to a 300mm vent to cope with small domestic situations up to industrial scale locations.

Distributed and used successfully worldwide to treat and control foul odours throughout sewerage system networks, McBerns Odour Filters can be found in use on pump stations, receiving manholes, air release valves, sewer mains, sewer trunk lines, holding tanks, overflow tanks, and domestic septic tanks. McBerns odour filters are suitable for odour control in any situation where foul odour is a problem, be it construction, mining, manufacturing and food processing, or waste water treatment. 

Purchasing Your Odour Filters

You can purchase a McBerns Odour Filter to fit your septic vent stack on this site using our online shop on the products pages. Alternatively, you can send us an email about your requirements or ask for further information about our vent odour filters and replacement media cartridges by using the contact form on the Contact page.

At Odour Filters, we deal with large and small companies in the private and public sectors. We also work with individuals who need fast, effective and efficient equipment to treat bad odours on site, quickly and safely.  

We welcome large orders from the commercial sector, and are happy to discuss volume supply and the suitability of our products for particular problems by phoning 01327 860653.